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Service Times & Directions

Weekend Service

Sunday: 9:00 am, 11:00 am,
5:00 pm

1st Sunday:
Baptism & Communion 4:30 pm

Weekday Service

Wednesday Bible Study: 12:00 pm, 7:00 pm

Mailing Address

Post Office Box 3272
Compton Ca, 90222

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2408 North Wilmington Avenue
Compton, CA 90222
(310) 639-6025
Since I Have Been Attending Wednesday 5am Prayer ".....My Life Has Changed"


I have been visiting Greater Zion for the last 10 years and just joined last Sunday. Faithfully I am at Wednesday morning prayer and my life has changed. I have been in prayer for my cousin that was in hospice with MS [Multiple sclerosis]. He is now home, walking without a walker, and mobility without pain. I have been off work since March. Off on disability with the diagnosis of stress and depression. Last Wednesday we prayed that demonic spirit will be loosed and that was the last day I had any depression medication, I got a call for an interview that Saturday and during the interview I was offered a job I don’t have the experience but I have the degree. It’s a higher position with less work. But that is not all. My son did not want to come to church because he heard what the people in the church would say to me and about me. He asked me “Mom why make me go into there where they act worse than people in the street.” But now I don’t have to say anything he gets up and is ready for church before me.  Being wounded by the people that go to church and it really affected my son in a way that I didn’t think he would get over. Hearing my son saying God ain’t real. It pierced me to my soul. BUT God……… I start a new job Monday. Thanks Pastor for everything. I pray that God richly bless you with His elect blessings.

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